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Info on Forster & Garbus, LLP

Forster & Garbus is very busy. This premier collection law firm cranks out thousands of summonses against New York State consumers each year. And don’t be fooled! Forster & Garbus is a serious law firm with serious collectors and attorneys. In other words, they will sue you. They will get a judgment against you. And they will seize your bank account, cause your salary to be garnished and place a lien on your home and other assets. According to the New York State Unified Court System, Forster & Garbus filed more than 33,400 New York debt collection lawsuits in 2014 alone.  Debt collection cases like these are often brought in New York’s Civil Court  and District Courts outside the City of New York and the Supreme Court.

The law firm is located at 60 Motor Parkway in Commack New York in a new 45,000 s/f facility designed to accommodate the growth and ever increasing staff of this well known debt collection law firm. As Ronald Forster describes it, "Since our inception in 1970, we have been growing at a strong pace owing to our early adoption of technologies that advance our processes…and we have made a major investment in hiring and training…to meet our clients' needs." 

Those clients are the creditors coming after you, including major banks, credit card issuers, debt buyers, and utilities and, as of later, private student loan lenders. In fact, Forster & Garbus was one of the first New York law firms to apply a totally automated legal collection system with sophisticated information technologies (IT) systems, operating on a midrange IBM platform, featuring "Best in Class" encryption and data breach software, backed by a full disaster recovery warm site providing system redundancy as well as leading-edge telecommunications and repeat dialer equipment to accommodate inbound and outbound call blending. The telephone system also includes a recording system. So be careful what you say when you contact them. 

In fact, they also maintain state-of-the-art surveillance technologies, including a digital camera security system, to protect the physical premises where this collection law firm operates.We believe that Forster & Garbus employs approximately 300 staff members including attorneys, paralegals, accounting professionals, IT professionals and programmers, collectors, and administrators and, based on current collection industry projections, that number may be increasing as this collection law firms files more and more lawsuits against consumers as time goes on.

Ronald Forster, Esq., a graduate of Brooklyn Law School, is the Chief Operating Officer for this collection law firm. He is a competent and passionate advocate for the legal collection industry. He has both lectured and authored articles on collections for the New York State Bar Association. He is also a past president of the Consumer Credit Association and a member of the Commercial Lawyers Conference and ACA International (Association of Credit and Collection Professionals), and the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA). if Ronald Forster and his firm are after you, you've got issues.

In 2009, the New York State Attorney General and the Administrator for the New York State Courts accused Forster & Garbus, among several large debt collection firms, of using process servers who intentionally failed to properly serve New York consumers with a Summons and Complaint. According to the Attorney General, Forster & Garbus used the company American Legal Process to serve over 28,000 summons and complaints, relying on legal papers that it knew or should have known to be false. See "New York Sues Process Server for High-Volume Debt Collectors," (April 14, 2009). In many of these cases, the process server claimed to be at several locations at once. See Pfau v. Forster & Garbus, et al. This practice, known as "sewer service" is a classic unfair debt collection practice that denies a debtor his or her day in court. The Attorney General settled its claims against Forster & Garbus in late 2010. But don't be fooled or lulled into complacency. Fotser & Garbus is more than just debt collectors. They are very serious and competent attorneys. They will get your assets - if you let them. Now you know a little more about collection law firm Forster & Garbus. Take Forster & Garbus seriously. 

Recently, New York State barred Forster & Garbus from filing collection lawsuits against NY Consumers Until Determining That Loans In Question Are Not Payday Loans. In fact, New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced on August 14, 2014 that his statewide office reached a settlement with debt collection law firm Forster & Garbus to ensure that it does not file actions against New Yorkers to collect on payday loans. A payday loan is a short-term borrowing in which the consumer borrows a small amount at interest rates that can range up to 650 percent or more. Thus, such loans are illegal in New York State because the interest rates far exceed the maximum of 16 percent allowed under New York law. The Attorney General’s investigation showed that a third party debt collector called NCEP, LLC placed consumer debts with Forster & Garbus for collection, which included payday loans.  

Under the settlement agreement, Forster & Garbus may not file an action against a New Yorker over a consumer credit transaction unless it first obtains a copy of the loan document and determines in writing that it is not a payday loan. When it receives a written complaint from a consumer that an existing judgment or settlement may have involved a payday loan, Forster & Garbus is required to obtain a copy of the loan document and, if the loan was a payday loan, vacate the judgment and pay restitution to the consumer for any amounts paid on the judgment. Forster & Garbus was also required to pay $10,000 in costs and penalties.  



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Reports to the Better Business Bureau allege that Forster & Garbus attempts to collect debts consumers have already paid. Consumers also complain that they have been charged 5 times the original debt owed, and that the company is unwilling to negotiate any sort of payment plan. See more here !

“FORSTER & GARBUS put a hold of a few thousand dollar on my bank account for another persons debt Farmingdale, New York”. Read the full story here.