Founded by John Schanck and Bob Peterson, Stellar Recovery Inc. is a privately held company which acquires charged off receivables from credit grantors and financial institutions. In addition, Stellar Recovery, Inc. is a nationally licensed third party collection agency. 

Stellar Recovery seeks prime and mid-prime product in retail/consumer credit cards, consumer loans, cable, telecom and utility markets. Stellar Recovery, Inc. also provides excellent recoveries servicing voluntary and involuntary repossession accounts and equipment returns. 

Our unique scoring model provides exceptional recovery services to creditors and distressed debt portfolio purchasers. Leading collection strategies and asset management platforms are organized and driven to deliver maximum recoveries in the most cost effective way. 

Stellar Recovery‚Äôs vast infrastructure, customized processes and leading edge technology provides vital information needed to bring clients and investors superior recovery performance. Our highly trained and experienced representatives recognize the uncertainty of our current economy and understand the challenges consumers face. All consumers are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. 

Stellar Recovery continuously watches the market and reviews consumer debt portfolios. We choose the portfolios which have the potential to meet or exceed the targeted recovery levels. Flexible and creative portfolio acquisition structures are offered to our investors.


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