A deceptive-practices lawsuit against Pressler & Pressler, New Jersey’s largest collections firm, is moving forward as a class action.

U.S. District Judge Katharine Hayden in Newark certified a class of individuals who allege misrepresentations in a form letter they received from the debt-collecting firm.

The form letter in question offered to settle and said once that was done, proof that the debt was paid would be sent to the court and “to you so that you can advise the credit bureau.” Attorneys in the matter say that they believe Pressler never actually reported the supposed delinquencies to any credit bureau.

Attorneys for the class consumers assert two misrepresentations were made by the debt collector law firm: the implication in the letter that the collector had reported the debt on the recipient’s credit report, and a misleading statement that settling the debt would help improve the credit reports.

Williams v. Pressler & Pressler consists of 75 members of the class of consumers who are suing, alleging they were sued for credit-card debt by New Century Financial Services. New Century purchases delinquent accounts and is closely affiliated with the law firm.