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Cohen & Slamowitz has changed its name but, apparently, probably not its ways. It's now operating under the name Selip & Stylianou !! 

But it's the same old game because what's new is old. 

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Selip & Stylianou !! could be dangerous to your financial health because in its former iteration, under the name Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP ,  this debt collection law firm and has been found guilty of harming innocent victims and violating both State and federal laws designed to protect consumers like you.  In fact, on February 13, 2014 a New York State Appellate Court publicly censured Cohen & Slamowitz's lead attorney, David A. Cohen, and his Long Island debt collection firm (C & S) for trying to collect debts from people who had already paid their bills or were not the ones who actually owed money to the firm's client-creditors. The court concluded, in Matter of Cohen & Slamowitz, 2008-10218, that David Cohen and his law firm "engaged in a pattern and practice of conduct prejudicial to the administration of justiceunder the Code of Professional Responsibility DR 1-102(A)(5)(223 NYCRR 1200.3[a][5]. Read theDecision & Order directly from the Court's website. 

In fact, Selip & Stylianou (formerly known as Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP is a high volume debt collection law firm which is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has received a B- rating from the BBB on a scale of  A+- F. There have been at least 30 Better Business Bureau complaints filed in the past three years against debt collector Cohen & Slamowitz. The majority of those complaints involved billing and collection issues. Cohen & Slamowitz, one of the most prolific collection law firms   Cohen & Slamowitz is managed by its two active partners, David A. Cohen and Mitchell G. Slamowitz, both lawyers. 

Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP employs both non-attorney debt collectors. It appears that the main method used by the non-attorney debt collectors to extract money from consumers is through the use of collection calls while the attorneys will sue you to collect money they claim is owed to clients of Cohen & Slamowitz. Organized on December 17, 2003 in the State of New York State as a limited liability partnership, Cohen & Slamowitz is relentless and a very serious, very aggressive and very competent high volume debt collection law firm which will utilize every method available under the law to get your money. 

Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP is located at 199 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury, New York 11797-2016 in the Town of Oyster Bay in Nassau County, New York. Call them at: (516) 364-6006. But be forewarned. Cohen & Slamowitz very likely uses "trap lines" to determine the number you are calling from as well as your geographical location.  Here's a picture of their high security office location:

The New York Times has recently reported on firms such like Cohen & Slamowitz:  "As millions of Americans have fallen behind on paying their bills, debt collection law firms have been clogging courtrooms with lawsuits seeking repayment. Few have been as prolific as Cohen & Slamowitz, a Woodbury, N.Y., firm that has specialized in debt collection for nearly two decades. The firm has been filing roughly 80,000 lawsuits a year. With just 14 lawyers on staff, that works out to more than 5,700 cases per lawyer."See the full article here.

And according to at least one federal class action lawsuit filed in White Plains it was found that Cohen & Slamowitz engages in "illegal credit and collection practices.” This very aggressive collection law firm has been churning out about 80,000 lawsuits a yearA recent investigative report by MFY Legal Services, Inc. found that Cohen & Slamowitz filed 41,480 cases in 2007, in just New York City alone. “Justice Disserved,” June 2008. The consumer who was allegedly "served" with a summons responded in only 6.84 percent of those cases. Thus, the vast majority of those cases resulted in default judgments against the consumer, all them entered by Cohen & Slamowitz. In fact, in the first two months of (2013) alone, Cohen & Slamowitz filed more than one thousands cases in New York City, and likely thousands more across the State of New York.  

In the meantime. Cohen & Slamowitz and has itself been sued numerous times by consumerswho claim that they have been abused, cheated and harassed by representatives from this firm. There have also been numerous federal lawsuits against Cohen  & Slamowitz for alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices s Act and various other federal laws and statutes throughout the federal court system in New York State. The bottom line is that Cohen & Slamowitz  is bad news for consumers and debtors. 

For example, in a recent federal court case, a consumer-debtor sued Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP, for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act . See Ellis v. Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP, 701 F.Supp. 2d. 215 (S.D.N.Y. 2010) Specifically, plaintiff accused Cohen & Slamowitz of deceptive and misleading debt collection practices, including use of improper validation notices, failing to inform of the potential tax consequences of a tendered discount and falsely threatening to sue plaintiff. Based on these allegations, the Court refused to grant Cohen & Slamowitz’s motion to dismiss the complaint against it.

In another federal court case in New York, plaintiff debtor brought suit against Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Suquilanda v. Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP, 2011 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 102727 (S.D.N.Y Sept. 7, 2011) Specifically, plaintiff accused Cohen & Slamowitz of knowingly concealing the fact that affidavits of process served upon her were false. Cohen & Slamowitz moved to dismiss plaintiff’s claims on grounds of the statute of limitations. The Court held that Plaintiff’s claims were not time-barred under the doctrine of equitable tolling, given that Plaintiff alleged that the company willfully concealed Plaintiff’s cause of action. 

In yet another federal court in New York, consumer-debtor accused Cohen & Slamowitz of violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Hennenberger v. Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 31250 (W.D.N. Y. Mar. 31, 2010) The abusive and deceptive alleged against Cohen & Slamowitz included allegations that it made harassing and abusive telephone calls in attempting to collect a debt and that it unlawfully and deceptively threatened to seize Plaintiff’s Social Security and pension income in order to satisfy a debt. Based on these allegations, the Court denied Cohen & Slamowitz’s motion for summary judgment in respect of these claims.

The Attorney General and the Administrator for the New York State Courts accused Cohen & Slamowitz, among several large debt collection firms, of using process servers who intentionally failed to properly serve New York consumers with a Summons and Complaint. See Pfau v. Forster & Garbus, et al. In many of these cases, the process server claimed to be at several locations at once. This practice, known as “sewer service” is a classic unfair debt collection practice that denies a debtor his or her day in court. The Attorney General settled its claims against Cohen & Slamowitz in late 2010.

In fact, Cohen & Slamowitz files thousands of lawsuits yearly just in New York City courts. And they file thousands more in Courts across the State of New York. In fact, the sheer volume of lawsuit filings all over the State of New York appears to call into question the time spent reviewing  their collection cases for accuracy and preventing improper lawsuits that may be time-barred, simply frivolous or otherwise invalid. 

Numerous websites and blogs have posted information about  the various sundry and unlawful doings and activities of  Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP, including but not limited to reports that this collection law firm engages in numerous deceptive business tactics to collect on debts already paid, attempting to collect upon stale debts in violation of the applicable statutes of limits, trying to collect on debts already paid off or arbitrated by another firm, garnishing consumer paychecks without consent, calling consumers at work, threatening and bullying customers and, numerous cases and garnishing and/or restraining  money from consumers far in excess of the judgments amounts Cohen & Slamowitz  has obtained in Court.

Some of the more outrageous behavior that we have personally experienced in dealing with Cohen & Slamowitz is discovering that they obtained a default judgment against one of our clients by serving her at an address at which she never lived and by delivering the summons to a brother at that location that she never had. And, then, after obtaining a default judgment based upon this illegal service, they used it to garnish her salary, ruin her credit and damage her prospects of employment.. Another example is the time we found that Cohen & Slamowitz had actually engaged a well-known New York City Marshall to collect more than $7,000 on a $4,000 judgment which had been entered by default and unbeknownst to our client in the first place.

Therefore, be forewarned ! If you have received a summons and complaint from Cohen & Slamowitz, you need to contact  The Credit Card Defense Center right away before C & S attacks your assets.  Failing to respond to a lawsuit will result in a default judgment being entered against you, which can lead to wage garnishment, frozen bank accounts and an overall attack on your lifestyle.


Now, if you really want to stop Cohen & Slamowitz Harassment, it is important to understand your rights under the law. – specifically, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. First of all, you need to know is that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires Cohen & Slamowitz and other debt collectors to tell you exactly what you owe. And this is especially important because, as you are no doubt aware, fees and interest on theses kinds of claims can add up quickly and exponentially. And it’s easy to be confused about the actual total amount you owe on credit accounts, especially when you start adding in late payment penalties, accrued interest and the assorted extra costs and fees that seem to get added along the way. And debt collectors like Cohen & Slamowitz often take advantage of your confusion by attempting to collect more than you owe. Cohen & Slamowitz may, for example, add on a “collection fee”, interest charge, collection charges and/or legal fees to increase their recovery upon collection. However, you need to be aware that The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits this practice, dictating that Cohen & Slamowitz and their ilk are not allowed to collect interest, add a fee, or attempt to collect more than the original debt or charge unless the contract that established your debt in the first instance- – or your state law – allows the charge an added costs.

You also need to know that you can take steps to stop creditor harassment and, in particular, stop Cohen & Slamowitz letter and phone harassment yourself by demanding verification of the debt in writing. Then, dispute the debt .and by yourself at least several months of peace and relief by making Cohen & Slamowitz comply with the law regarding verifying their clients’ claims

If you want to stop Cohen & Slamowitz harassment calls, it’s important to know your rights. That’s exactly why it’s important to contact The Credit Card Defense Center of New York today. At absolutely no cost to you, we can provide you with a list of your options when it comes to dealing with Cohen & Slamowitz and other debt collectors like them. If you’ve been subjected to Cohen & Slamowitz harassment calls, attorneys associated with The Credit Card Defense Center of New York can assist you with a free consultation and then represent you at an affordable fee when you are sued by Cohen & Slamowitz. And when you retain us, we can guarantee the Cohen & Slamowitz harassment will stop. And you may even receive monetary compensation against Cohen & Slamowitz because both state law and the FDCPA forces debt collectors who violate the law to pay the victims of harassment – and pay their attorney fees too !

Attorneys associated with The Credit Card Defense Centerdefend consumers just like you every day in New York State courts against the collection lawsuits brought by Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP. In select cases, we are now, additionally, preparing lawsuits against Cohen & Slamowitz in federal court for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


We'll gallop to your defense against Cohen & Slamowitz and their ilk !

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