I was able to get a Loan Modification

I live across from Central Park in Manhattan and was earning $350,000 per year when the economy tanked a few years ago. I was sued by every major bank in town and a foreclosure action was started against my condo. The attorneys from this office have prevented judgments from being entered against me despite many lawsuits being started against me. And this allowed me to obtain a loan modification from my bank and save my 1.5 million condo overlooking the Park. Fantastic job preventing any judgment from ruining my chances of negotiating with my bank for over two years... fantastic job...well worth the fees...believe me...I feel happy and I feel relief…Terry S.


Saved Me $75,000 for $2200 ! 

I paid this law firm a total of $2200. I was being sued by Citibank in Manhattan. They beat the case and got it dismissed! I never have to pay Citibank. Yippeeeeee!!! Absolutely true story - I had two very scary cases with Citi. They got both dismissed and saved me at least $25,000 on one and $50,000 plus on the other. Amazing.....Citi was suing me and my business and I did not even get a 1099.....even better!!! And I'm an immigration lawyer. I hired these lawyers to represent me with Citibank's credit card lawsuit.. They did a great job for me! I'm referring my partners. John


FIA Card Services bites the Dust !

FIA card Services had a default judgment against me in Westchester County, New York for $19,516 and had my bank accounts tied up and a lien on my home so I could not re-finance it. This law firm settled the case very quickly for $8,000, charged me $1,000 and saved me $10,000. I'm happy. Very happy. Resolved quickly and with no drama at all. Very efficient work. I never had to appear in Court.


They got my money back for me....

Some collection law firm had my bank account tied up and this company got my money back and for that I am grateful...




I just wanted to thank you for your compassion and patience and may god bless you and your family..Tony 


Smart, honest, and sensible.

I was being sued for a defaulted student loan taken out in 2007 and got served a summons. I spoke with The attorneys at this firm about how much I owed and who was suing me. He told me that he would handle everything and to just save my money for a couple months, 7 for me, in hopes of a settlement. I paid a very modest fee and they did exactly what they told me they would do. Eventually, he told me the plaintiff was ready to settle and want to know how much could I afford to pay. He then got them to knock $26,000 off; I ended up paying back a little more than half what I originally borrowed, which is a pretty amazing deal. The attorneys at this firm were very honest and easy to deal with. If you do what they say and save enough money to eventually make a legitimate settlement, they will take care of you.


 Masters of consumer debt defense strategies.

Without a doubt, The attorneys at this firm are consummate masters of consumer debt defense. So very easy to work with, and so experienced. They put my mind at ease, knowing that my case was in good hands. I highly recommend thus firm to anyone struggling under a mountain of debt and struggling lawsuits from their creditors. 


Great help for someone like me

Having no experience in how to handle a debt collector on an old paid debt, I contacted the lawyers at this firm. They were clear and fair and honest and helped me get the piranhas off my back. Recommended.



I just used these guys to vacate an old default judgment of mine that I left in New York City when I live there about five years ago…I had my bank account restrained and this firm got my money back and got the judgment lifted …my credit score went up and the whole case was dismissed…the judgment was about $10,000...


Great Service & Fair Fee

I got served with a summons and complaint regarding a credit card debt. I didn’t know what to do. I called the creditcarddefensecenter and they assisted me with this law suit and I was able to settle my case for a very low figure. I was thankful and moved on with my life. Thank you creditcarddefensecenter I would definitely use you again if I ever have any kind of financial issue.


Best Credit Lawyers

 Very affordable, very knowledgeable, follows through and never forgets a client. I hired this attorney to help me defend a lawsuit brought by Bank of America against me and my company for over $123,000. When it was all over - it took about 6 months - I had to abandon my failing company anyway. And he arranged it so the entire debt was assigned to my defunct corporation and not to me personally. As a result, I walked away from $123,000 in personal debt and was able to avoid filing a personal bankruptcy, which was my original plan when i came to Mr. Lee him. I plan to hire him to do the bankruptcy for my company so I can officially end this claim from B of A once and for all...Mike


Moat caring reasonably priced attorneys

 Very understanding attorney who resolved a series of debts for me when the creditors had me pinned to the wall and were garnishing my salary and restraining my bank account. He got the creditors off my back by getting one case against me dismissed completely and two of them settled at a very nice and unexpected discount off the top. Very satisfied. Jeff